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Air Cleaning Equipments

  1. Ultra violet Disinfection systems from Aeolus

    Aeolus is a leading solution provider for air and water disinfection systems comprising ozone and UV - Ultra Violet radiation. Ozone with combined with UV of specific wavelengths comprises of advanced oxidation processes or AOP. AOP is widely effective in pollution control, air purification, water purification & disinfection, HVAC air treatment, VOC reduction, foul odor control, oxidation of malodorous substances in waste water treatment and industrial air pollution control. Contact Aeolus now for your requirements
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  2. Public Toilet Deodorization and Disinfection System by Aeolus

    Aeolus is a leading company supplying no chemical deodorizing and disinfection system for all applications including that for public toilets. Public toilet here means all common restroom facilities at petrol pumps, malls, cinema, hotels, swimming pools, airport, bus stations, commercial buildings, railway stations, metro stations, etc
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  3. Air Purifier System for Centralized AC & HVAC by Aeolus

    HVAC and central AC ducts and home AC filters are home for fungus, mould and various other microbes. Despite of all care, microbes flourish in HVAC ducts and spread air borne diseases and allergies. Aeolus now has solutions for Air purification and disinfection in HVAC systems. Aeolus Ozone and Aeolus AOP systems are tailor made solutions for all disinfection systems required in air ducts. Aeolus has many more solutions for air quality in hotels, hospitals, office and auditorium. Contact Aeolus Now!
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  4. Office Air Purifier System by Aeolus

    Air conditioned offices are also biggest exchange of contagious air borne diseases. Foul smell and mould spread in offices which works as allergen. Getting viral influenza in office is very common. Install Aeolus Ozone in office and even HVAC system to remain health at office and contributing more for the development of your organization.
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  5. Hotel, Restaurant and Banquet Air Purifier System by Aeolus

    Aeolus Ozone is useful for water, wastewater and air purification in hotels, restaurants, banquets and other public places. Ozone is most powerful disinfection and deodorizing system for air, water and wastewater. Aeolus is most experienced supplier of ozone for various applications in India.
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  6. Air Disinfection Equipment from Aeolus

    Air pollution control and deodorization systems for improvement of air quality in home, office, factory, stake emission, flue gas emission, hospitals, solid waste handling plants, incineration sites, composting sites, sewage treatment plants, effluent treatment plants, chimneys, HVAC systems, central cooling systems, air vents, kitchen, hospitals, medical waste handling systems, plastic recycling units, pyrolysis units, sludge storage & drying units, smoking rooms, pet rooms, pet hospitals & clinics, nursing homes, old age homes, chemical storage, ICU, NICU, Operation Theater, Critical Care unit in hospitals, burns wards, isolation wards in hospitals, infectious disease wards in hospitals etc.Aeolus is manufacturer and supplier of all solutions for air disinfection, pollution control and foul odor control systems. We also supply tailor made solutions for your specific requirements
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  7. Smoke Removal Ozone Generator

    OZONE eliminates the irritation caused by phenol gasses, by oxidizing them. Phenol gasses are the invisible part of smoke that causes such discomfort to one's eyes and create the offensive odors.For restaurant, bar, or pool hall owners, these units have proven to be invaluable and help keep clientele coming back!
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