Electrolytic Sewage Treatment Plant

Electrolytic Sewage Treatment Plant
Product Description

We are offering our customers the best quality range of Electrolytic Sewage Treatment Plant.


Special Features of the Electrolytic Treatment

  • Accelerated start up
  • Start & stop at will
  • Packaged modular in construction
  • Noiseless operation
  • Compact plant with small foot print
  • Environmental, operator and user friendly
  • Custom designed
  • Generate less green house gases
  • Does not deplete atmospheric oxygen
  • Non biological
  • Reduces civil works
  • Easily expandable
  • System designed for continuous or batch operation

What is XERODROP ETP/STP System?

XERODROP is the most advanced EXTREME MACHINE to treat waste waters comprehensively. XERODROP is a technology based on Modern Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP) which are fundamentally based on Electro-chemical processes.  The technology for say is more than 130 years old, however its implementation in complex and hazardous waste water has been recently mastered by Aeolus.


What XERODROP ETP/STP offers to the Client?

  • 100% assurance of meeting State PCB & CPCB discharge norms if plant is operated as per the set procedures.
  • XERODROP has demonstrated settlement of extremely high COD values of Distillery spent wash - COD ~ 240000 ppm! Municipal waste TOD is never exceeding 800 ppm!
  • More than 95% water recovery for recycle and irrigation
  • Reasonable O&M cost - true value for money!
  • No chemical addition - no alum / lime / ferrous addition
  • No dependency on Bacteria- no culture - no activated sludge - no aeration - no membranes - no cow dung!
  • XERODROP requires only electricity as raw material.
  • Total andassured PEACE OF MIND for the management.
  • Modular & expandable plant construction
  • Compact Skid mounted STP/ ETP are also offered.
  • XERODROP can also be used to modify your existing ETP/STP without major change in your existing infrastructure


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