ETP/STP for Recalcitrant Waste

ETP/STP for Recalcitrant Waste
Product Description
ETP/STP for Recalcitrant Waste

Aeolus in collaboration with various technocrats and internationally renowned technology partners has restructured a century old electrochemical system based on unchangeable Faraday's principles.

XERODROP is a method which is simple but very effective for treatment of many turbid water and waste waters. The technology as said earlier is older than 100 years and is well documented internationally. However Aeolus has spent more than four years with untiring rigorous efforts implementing & restructuring the technology to treat highly recalcitrant effluents.

XERODROP is an innovative technology based on Electro- Chemistry. XERODROP is supported by internationally distinguished technocrats. XERODROP is rapid acting, effective, appropriate and true value for money system.

Advantages  ETP/STP for Recalcitrant Waste:

1) No chemical addition- no alum / lime / ferrous addition
2) No dependency on Bacteria - no culture - no activated sludge - no aeration - no membranes
3) Low sludge generation
4) Offers most effective removal of pollutants - Always dependable
5) Treated effluent is colorless, odorless and the BCOD of highly recalcitrant effluents are reduced to comply with stringent PCB norms for discharge.
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