Hazardous Effluent Treatment Plant XERODROP

Hazardous Effluent Treatment Plant XERODROP
Product Description
In many industries the sludge remaining after treatment of wastewater accounts for much of the generated hazardous waste. Xerodrop is a non biological treatment for the hazardous effluents. Xerodrop is most advanced process designed with electro-chemistry based processes and now equipped to treat most hazardous effluents.

Xerodrop has till now been tested on various hazardous effluents namely:
  • Cyanide and Chromium containing electroplating effluents
  • H Acid Effluents
  • J Acid Effluents
  • Sodium Silicate containing effluents
  • Dyes and Intermediate industry effluents
  • Pharmaceutical effluents
  • Distillery Spent wash effluents
  • Tannery effluents
  • High Sulphur effluents
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