Stack-Chimney Emission and Flue Gas Treatment from Aeolus

Stack-Chimney Emission and Flue Gas Treatment from Aeolus
Product Description

Aeolus offers state of the art systems that effectively control NOX, SOX, VOC-volatile organic load in flue gases,chimney- stack emissions.

In your industry, however best would be your stack emission control air filters, still you would be facing leakages and undesired levels of NOX, SOX and VOC. For most of the industries, pollution control authorities have installed stack quality monitoring devises on the chimney. Most of the industry are facing serious charges due to undesired emission quality despite latest equipments installed.

For hazardous solid / liquid waste storage sites and composting farms, air quality is highly compromised and frequently faces public protests and pollution control authority's legal actions.

Share your problems with reports and details of your system with Aeolus, we will offer you an affordable solution for all your air stack emissions and flue-gas emission issues. Our systems are proven and time tested. Our systems shall control all your undesired emissions.

Our solutions are mainly based on ozone and other non chemical interventions that effectively treats air stack emissions and flue gases to the desired norms. Contact us now!

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