Textile Effluent Treatment Plant

Textile Effluent Treatment Plant
Product Description

Textile Effluent Treatment Plant

Just to let you know that your search for a perfect ETP/STP ends here with Xerodrop. Xerodrop is a non biological solution for ETP/STP.

XERODROP process is characterized by an effective removal of pollutants, compact size of the equipment, simplicity in operation, moderate capital and low operating cost.

XERODROP-is a product with almost zero or negligible supervision to effectively treat highly recalcitrant effluents.XERODROP has also provided extra ordinary results in treating effluents such as that from pharmaceuticals, food processing units, Dairy, textiles and thermal power plants. XERODROP is engineered to follow toughest discharge norms!. The treated water is fit for entire non-potable requirements of industries as well as agriculture.

Introduction XERODROP ETP / STP:


  • XERODROP is an innovative technology based on Electro-Chemistry, XERODROP is rapid acting, effective, appropriate and true value for money system


  • Offers most effective removal of pollutants - Always dependable!
  • More than 90% water recovery for recycle and irrigation
  • No pungent smell-no noise-no noxious gas emissions-compactsize-very small  ENERGY & SPACE foot print
  • No chemical addition-no alum / lime / ferrous  addition
  • No dependency on Bacteria- no culture-no activated sludge-no aeration-no membranes
  • Simplicity in operations and reasonable O&M cost-true value for money!
  • Low sludge generation
  • Recovery of valuable nutrients from solid sludge- Additional revenue generation from waste
  • Treated effluent is colorless, odorless and the BCOD of highly recalcitrant effluents are reduced to comply with stringent PCB norms for discharge.
  • XERODROP can if required, well utilize most of the existing ETP/STP civil infrastructure after necessary modifications in case of upgrading existing ETP/STP.

Un-Comparable Advantages XERODROP ETP / STP:

  • XERODROP ETP/STP is based on PLUG & PLAY system-very convenient
  • Only raw material required is Electricity
  • No Bacteria-and practically no chemicals
  • No smoke-no heating-no incineration

What XERODROP ETP/STP offers to the Client?

  • 100% assurance of meeting State PCB & CPCB discharge norms if plant is operated as per the set procedures.
  • XERODROP has demonstrated settlement of extremely high COD values of Distillery spent wash-COD ~ 240000 ppm! Municipal waste TOD is never exceeding 800 ppm!
  • Very few pumps and moving parts-hence very low maintenance expenses.
  • XERODROP requires only electricity as raw material.
  • Total and assured PEACE OF MIND for the management.Generated sludge is a rich fertilizer and micro nutrient supplement-extra revenue for the client!
  • Modular & expandable plant construction
  • Compact Skid mounted STP/ ETP are also offered.

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